Jen is a photographer and retoucher based in Hamburg, Germany. She discovered her love for photography at a very early age. 
During her time as a photo assistant, Jen developed her own visual language and has since worked for content creators, model agencies, online magazines and various brands. 
She also works as a retoucher and supports not only photographers but also advertising agencies and e-commerce companies with her photoshop skills. 


Olymp, Mont Blanc, KALTBLUT Magazine, ENCORE, m4models, Apropos Store, Fashion Council, Fabian Lueck, Sami Slimani, Schoeller & von Rehlingen PR, Zalando, Spin Model Management, IZAIO Management, Voom Magazine, IVANMAN, ABOUTYOU, Philipp&Keuntje


What goes around comes around.
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mail [at] jenniferharnack.com